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About The Deal:

We’re offering a 8-weeks Boost Your Energy “Super Shot” Program at NYC Rejuvenation Clinic for $499 (reg. $850).
 Or Get 1 Shot for only $79 (reg. $150). Energy shot contain Leucine – an amino-acid that regulates blood sugar and provides the body with Energy, it also improves and stimulates production of growth hormones and helps burn visceral fat, located in the deepest layers of the body, which are least responsive to dieting and exercise.

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Testimonials from Clients:

“It gave me the lift I needed” – Melissa
“It is my 8th week on a program and results are amazing” – Joe
“I can’t wait for my next shot” – Karin

When we start to pursue our dreams and to live our life to the fullest the best thing to have is an abundance of personal energy. What good is it to have great personal goals if there is simply not enough energy to follow through with them? If we have that extra energy everything will become easier to do. The most important effect of all is that a higher personal energy-level acts like a catalyst for your whole body and mind. You can think better and faster, you can be more focused and healthier. Only enough energy will enable you to be the best you can be.

1. Breathing

If you deeply inhale for 7 seconds, you hold for 28 seconds and exhale for 14 seconds. If you do this for 10 times three times a day you can significantly raise your energy-level. Please try it out and watch how you feel.

2. Eating

Eating healthy, water-rich and “alive” food will also raise your energy-level. Basically food is like fuel for our body and only food that can provide energy will help to raise it. The best food we can get is water-rich food: vegetables and fruits. If we put food inside of ourselves that has a lot of fat and sugar in it, we are clocking our system and draining it of energy – sometimes the body will even use more energy to digest it than it is able to gain.

3. Aerobic Exercising

To move our body is great to maintain a high energy level. And of course it is also very effective to get rid of body-fat and to stay healthy. Aerobic literally means “with oxygen”. This could be running, cycling or swimming. It is very important not to go up to your physical limits. Also you need to exercise over an extended period of time of 45-60 Minutes. Only then it gets very effective and also body-fat is used as an energy-source, therefore you will lose weight. The most important thing however is, to develop exercising as a habit. This means you exercise at least 3 times a week – this will boost your energy level and your body fitness.

4. Sleeping

It seems obvious that getting enough sleep is important to be energetic over the day. It is generally accepted that a perfect time for sleep is about 8 hours for human adults. This may differ and it may work with less hours. Another very important fact is the time to start and end sleeping. Getting up early is a great way to start the day in an energetic fashion. This also means to get to bed at the same time every day, just to not break your sleep-rhythm. If you have difficulties with your sleep-rythm, the best way to shift it is by getting up the time you want or need to for 3 days consistently. Your sleep-rhythm will then adapt in the evening, meaning you will get tired early enough.

5. Thoughts and Emotions

Have you ever experienced how energy-draining an emotional fight between you and another one can be? Or have you realized how energy-consuming certain thoughts can be? On the opposite we have the power to choose our thoughts and emotions. It makes sense to invest thoughts and emotions into our goals and what we want and like. The idea that can help to increase our energy level is to choose the right thoughts and emotions by directing our mental focus on what is supportive and positive for us.

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