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Our Weight Loss Supplement Line

Daily Weight Loss Support (2 Months Supply)


Daily Weight Loss Support Packets™ are custom designed to help the body:
• Use Fat for Fuel and Increase Fat Burning
• Decrease Body Fat
• Reduces Food Cravings
• Improve and Optimize Metabolism
• Increase Energy Levels
• Produce More Energy to Increases Exercise Endurance and Performance
• Modulate Cortisol
• Improve Leptin Resistance
• Lower Cholesterol and Triglycerides
• Promote Heart & Liver Health
• Enhances Brain Function
• Improve mental Focus and Energy
• Enhances Short and Long-Term Memory
• Increase lean muscles
• Glucose and insulin control
• Support Thyroid Function
• Decrease anxiety


Metabolism Thermo Plus** (2 Months Supply)


Metabolism Thermo PLUS** are custom designed “Weight Loss Booster” to help the body:

• “Boost” Weight Loss by stimulating Metabolic Processes
• Increasing Lipolysis, the breakdown of Fat
• Increases Thermogenesis
• Increases BMR – Basal Metabolic Rate
• Increases lean muscle mass
• Improves Insulin sensitivity
• Reduces Glucose absorption
• Suppresses appetite
• Improves Mood
• Will NOT cause anxiety or increase heart rate or blood pressure
• Natural Antioxidant

Designed to be part of The 60-Day Weight Loss Plan to “Boost Metabolism” or as a Daily Supplement by itself.


Mitochondrial Energy Plus** (2 Months Supply)


Mitochondrial Energy PLUS** are custom designed “Energy Booster” to help the body:

• “Boost” Energy by supporting Mitochondrial Metabolism
• Increase Energy (ATP) production
• Support function of Mitochondria – “the powerhouse of the cell”
• Promote overall tissue and cellular vitality and health
• Reduces Oxidative stress and age-related deterioration
• Increase Lifespan! (shown in animal models)
• Increases Energy output for athletic performance
• Reduce CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)
• Increase Fat Burning
• Support Weight Loss

Designed to compliment Daily Weight Loss Support Packets to “Boost the Energy while losing weight” or can be taken as a Daily Supplement by itself.


Brainergy Plus** (1 Month Supply)


BRAINERGY PLUS** are Custom Designed “Brain Booster” to help Your brain:

• Mental focus and mental energy
• Prevent age related memory decline
• Improvements in attention, mental focus and cognition
• Increase learning capacity
• Enhance short and long term memory
• Improve mood
• Revitalize fading memory
• Enhance immune function
• Improve microcirculation to the brain cells
• Protect the brain from stress induced neuronal death
• Balance catecholamine, serotonin and cortisol levels
• Repair physically damaged neurons
• Revitalize master hormone functions from pituitary control in the elderly (growth hormone)

Designed to be a part of a 60-Day Weight Loss Plan to “Support Anti-Aging Brain Functions” or as Daily Supplement by itself.


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